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Saturday, May 15, 2004

Summer Time!!

well,,, it's summer...
and wat i'm loving ryt now??
BADMINTON!! wow! i think the last tym i played badminton was during my sophomore years,, and now,, here i am again!!
together with my m0st reliable buds,, reiNard, charLz, yuRi, and j.v... oL boys huh?!.... but that was only b4,, now my other guRL frEnds arE also into badminTon,,, meet them: cheL, m0kka, and cesS,,
why we liked it? badmin2n is a grEat sport, hobby, and exercise.. 3 in 1 huh?! well,, i h0pe it would help me to reduce fAts,, hahaha!!
nywayz,,, i'm looking forward on g0in' to cebu with my papa nd mama,, (i hope mommy would give me m0ney, huh?!)


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